Thursday, April 18, 2019

Gifts of generosity

These are basically bundles of buttons that would suit a small tree skirt or candle mat ,,,
There are many layouts for a circle for making these up and buying a felt embroidered or appliqued one can have more than one use....
Felt is so friendly to use …..
The buttons are matched for these projects or anything else you make for Christmas.
Yes I am aware it is Easter eve LOL

Such excitement here yesterday my neighbour moved my bed which meant undoing it all & reassembling with his relative's help.
I have slept in a single bed in a single room for 5 months because of some awful odour in the main room,,
I used to sweat profusely during the night more than once a night
while I slept in that room.
So happily to say I now am ensconced in the living area & stretching in my double bed on my wonderful better mattress was an amazing experience.
However this unit now we have noticed is sitting a hole under the side verandah ...a decent hole perhaps
Oh it never seems to end   …..for a lovely 10 yr old unit.....
our family home of 105 yrs old stands better than this has ...
So …..
Come September ………….