Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Finally getting things to work

Shuffling things about to get it to work !!!!
I know the 2 santa pegs are there holding up socks & stuff...
I was too tired to unpeg & find another place for them.

In  this corner, I had set up a Christmas display and had used that piece of furniture for my bedside table...

So photographed the display 
and now all the samples are scattered about...

Moving the bedside table meant moving my boxes... of photographs
I have just one box now 
As I sifted through my life and that of my parents & grandparents
my early work,
 friends, boyfriends
even one of me at my desk in my office days.... 
other early work.... 
planting a huge garden and seeing it bloom to expectations
I looked up and saw that gap & the table was at a loose end after other things were moved about...perfect

Things are also being sorted to keep & to let go before I take on my next challenge !!!