Sunday, November 11, 2018

I need a Distraction

 oohhhhhhh I am stretched about as far as I go....

An older cousin took his own life last weekend...
it is a sad event....
it is also long drawn out process...
Very little space for that emotion to sit ….
Tuesday he will go to rest . 
Perspective takes a while...
it is sad.

 I have this smell, sort of pervading stink in the corner of my new home in MY bedroom 
 I cannot locate it to eradicate it.
I have a high sense of smell... 
could have been a canary in a mine type of sense..

Lucky as I get to smell flowers & French perfume in a wonderful way.
It is Dad would stand with fridge door open & say " Something is OFF in here" and Mum would despair because her sense of smell was nowhere like that. 
He would taste butter in the same way... this is off, it's tainted...
I do the same...

PLUS I haven't settle into my new spaces yet, takes time...
Now I want to have this massive cull....not sure where that fits....but driving back yesterday I thought I am going to get into those sample & supply boxes & clear it out......

I just moved & I do clean & cull a lot these what will be done to warrant a cull I have no idea...but somehow I look forward to it..that process.
But one should not waste this turning point perhaps....
I have this urge to get out paper & pencil & streamline designing ….
Might not work of course....
but there is a shift in my thinking..
That I love & it's fun !
Maybe I will go to Christmas Shop & have a coffee 

The chest infection may well have finally some things are looking up.
I am not doing an event at end of November as previously planned.
So we have STUFF to play with.
Onto the website it is going.... slowish process.
Brooches are half done & these happy happy decorations will follow .

Isn't it so happy.!!!
I am thinking of a sale for this …
I'll wait until all is under control ( LOL) & send a newsletter & do a blog to tell you all.

Now to shower & sort out my day !!! LOL