Friday, March 23, 2018

Look what I found

I found some strays which I painted up ....
The tags are on the website but I will upload the sewing machine thread keeper & the bunny thread keeper & that Moggy in the garden decoration
Just heard post delay to QLD & Email not got thru what the #$%^&** is going on...

I am slightly pre occupied this morning with the plight of a family who were made homeless & were camping on ground no mattresses by a river for 5 weeks......

One of my brother's along with some of their own friends has now been trying to get assistance 
That plight is not an easy or one they wanted to be homeless
No one wants that !!!!
Man's basic needs are shelter & security & boy are we failing as a society

All I can think & afford to do right now is bundle up some personal care stuff...
As I got out of the WARM not cold shower it was 
Soap makes me feel good
I shampoo & condition my hair each day
I put cream on my face
sanitary GST taxed personal necessity
tea tree oil for cuts etc
The things if I need I reach for
I can but help one family

I find it all so distressing..
saw some of thing growing up when my Dad suffered from gout before the drugs were available to keep it at bay
He was in bed for 6 months not being able to stand up because of the pain.
There were no government sickness benefits or dole in that time..
Women were not looked on to work...
My Dad was a woodcutter .... he had outstanding accounts which never came without asking for payment several times by my brother.

So I guess we had nothing 
except Dad had paid the house off some years before 
Mum preserved fruit & veges  & there were chooks...eggs

It was a cafe owner who offered my Mum a job & we as children of the family took up the reins of a split meal time shift sole bread winner. between school.

My Dad had taught us that generosity of spirit as young children..
He would come in from the bush & say to Mum 
"I am going to so & so's with a load of wood, they are doing it tough  ..."
This was in the days where wood was for the wood stove for cooking & to heat the cold houses..basic essential service.

I have realised it is like indelible ink ..
that experience growing up is written on our souls 
the story is different for each of us who experienced it....
Other's plights bring the deep sadness to the surface 
often that hopeless feeling of what can 
I DO  ????
to build a stronger society or to help this plight that is such a blight on each soul

I suppose is a great beginning....I join these wonderful people who go out to bat as one 
Because this is larger & hidden problem.
I saw the swaggies after WW2 tramping the country roads looking for work or food & sleeping in our school shelter shed one day...profound & ever so sad
So right now I need to go see what I can do for helping these folk 
who are I am so happy to tell are getting one foot in front of the other with just a small amount of assistance & connection.
They need more warmth for cooler nights in their tent and they need some of those daily things we take for granted ...