Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What was it I achieved yesterday ?

This was it yesterday LOL
My star deers 7cm have been cut in reverse ..so I have a set now !
I wanted them for a different project I had done in pencil..
Which is still on the table..with other deers & santas & bits...
These sets of deers & star or deers & heart retail on the website $18.00
I thought a set of red & a set of blue.
Frames are great as will be the stockings, gift bags, boxes, tags, hanging hearts... 
you know anywhere they sit happily 
Tomorrow more new designs are due in & it will be a time I get overwhelmed & excited at once LOL
I draw & send off to the best renovator of my stuff I know & then I clear the design on paper conversion & wait for the items to have the first cut.  I rarely tinker with stuff after that...except if a line is too fine when converted into wood.
The frames are same as the ones in the fabric painting post...they really are a great size for smalls & great price.
As Karen mentioned yesterday the simplicity of putting things in frames..
It often does not need elaborate stitching, but you can add loads more & it'd be just as gorgeous.

I have loved that simple that's enough thing..which I am sure is A part of my personality & B practiced when I did the 5 years ( training ) at markets... when I sold lots I needed to get a lot done in the month... so I learnt quickly to not fuss too much, & the price point was  also part of it.
So do I love simplicity YES... but I often work in detail ????
I love bright strong colours but rarely work in that ???
On my pinterest Under ART JOURNELING you will see many saved brightly coloured strong lined paintings... I love that.
One of my brothers is an abstract artist & often paints in bright colours...he has that ability to place in that pop of colour...love those works.

Now our power is due off now for a couple of hrs... I think maybe we are getting brighter street lights...wait & see it is.
Lunching with my delightful 90 yr old neighbour at the pub today.She is a gem