Friday, December 22, 2017

Words just don't seem to do it

Words just are not enough to express how sad I am for all the innocent people in Melbourne late yesterday afternoon, crossing the pedestrian walk when a huge car plough at them knocking them like some maniac killing machine.

The little one who would have been so looking forward to Santa's arrival, now in hospital with his life changed forever .

Our country is not behaving well of late....and this time of year brings out the very best & the very worst in people.

The amazing people who twice in just on a yr we have seen them rushed to help the injured, without consideration for their own safety...

The police & ambulance & medicos who may have been about to go home & do their own thing are asked by us the community to step up ( yes again & again )

Each of us can maintain a steady hand on the ramped up stressors of Christmas....
It is a day ... a tradition ... be mindful of others 
I am off to practice this now to buy the food !

Now to cheer me up