Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cats, Dogs bees & flowers,

The cats , dogs, bees & cart of flowers are all now on the website 
under animals & bees & flowers go into the gardening section
These are kind of sampler packs & priced well at $7.50 
2 lots would make it into MR Post's $2 or ($2.75 international ) box ...  
It's the weight & every article I post  is weighed...


I have the most frustrating time with my NBN  & Telstra..
The line will drop out every maybe 2 weeks..
I only activated it when I was sent the modem & phone  by Telstra  & now the phone help line tells me Madam you have BOUGHT the wrong modem ( I didn't buy any & it I had "faith" it would be correct type as a technician was also engaged to hook it up.)
Now I am totally over it.
Last night was another knock out & of course it could be interference says the guy on help line....
Most likely it there is a hot spot close by & by the cars that pull into the bike rider's lane  to use there phone is becoming a pest.
I think there is a back spot just up the road....
What concerns me is the growing global unrest & we have a junk telephone system !