Friday, December 14, 2018

Adding those bits

 It is always this fun time as I tidy up ...I find things...or want a little sparkle...
Santa in a sock is one of my favourite designs.... for painting

 Painted kraft tags that I had stamped....
I really love this style, simple, timeless 
 it is often something you could do adding to the tree a favourite card or tag from a previous Xmas...
cut it a bit if need be, punch a hole in it.

You know this takes me back to cutting out old cards & magazines decorations that could be repurposed....
 see how the creative world begins as a child develops.....
 so let the children have some fun time …
.even a small tree dedicated for them to hand decorate.....

I find it hard to resist the crepe balls...
They too are those decorations I had as a child, a white crepe bell was the magic one....
This red one has travelled quite well
Brings me happiness

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Yesterday I added more of the Button boxes in Xmas & Everyday
The Everyday have all been sold
 A good selection of the Xmas Boxes remain
I do imagine I will do more before the Christmas Santa time....

Monday, December 10, 2018

New Buttons sets

 I have finished placing 11 NEW BUTTON BOXES on the website
Some Everyday & Xmas

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Thanks Norma

Norma Flake 
AMERICAN designer (retired)
of these most wonderful cross stitch patterns 
has allowed us to see her beautiful designs she made with my gingerbread people, plum puddings & the birdie
I LOVE the way the buttons fit into the designs 

What a treasure of work by Norma who still cannot stop designing for herself
Norma you are an Inspiration !!! 

Saturday, December 8, 2018


As I checked my emails this morning...
I was looking at the Xmas Button Boxes I had to scan in
The blank shelving I'd discovered fitted at the back of my desk
one thing led to another.... 
Now I have a cheery Christmas inspiration to look at...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


The days seem to blur together....
Yesterday I took time to do some more 
Xmas Button Cards
$20 includes postage..
These can be turned to many projects or just framed as is.....
When I put these together I often think in rows or samplers that can have little stitching around them.
This first one I love in total, 
but the NOEL could be used on a stocking cuff,
Make a big stocking & put the entire scene on it....
Centre row would look rather sweet in a hoop..
etc etc…
I rather like the weeny dogs that have come for the last one on this page.
Finally I have a few small fabric hand painted scenes for a ridiculous price in 
Other Temptations section on the website.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Little Inspirations

I was trying out button combinations yesterday starting with a small hoop that was close by...
It was such fun...
Once I get started on this sort of fun it takes me a while to stop...& why stop when fun is happening?

I love the different looks that can happen..

Now hang from a big tree, dangle one or perhaps 3 across a small window...from a wreath...on a wall. 

Inspired on....I found 2 smallish frames I had loitering nearby also..& there was a larger hoop !

I was now thinking of the Xmas Button Boxes sets of buttons
What can be achieved with so little work...

There is one Xmas Button Box I put in the work..
I thought it looked rather neat ! 
I also had a couple of small calico bags...& a piece of heart shape...

Here is another thought...add a felt heat shape with buttons on a calico bag...layering.
This for me is so much fun with creating that it could go on & on....for a while LOL

Here is the Xmas Button Box Carding I have done & is on the website along with others 
A few little design for stitching is often included in each of these cardings...
They are excellent value & I just love making the scenes...
Barb …..

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Here I am

Jolly Santa or 3
Merry Christmas is etched on their coats...
A star has been cut out of their coats... 
They are just so happy !
Small decorations which 
can be used 
in sewing 
or other creative projects 
or to hang from a tree.
The trio are specially priced at $10


    Twig Angels and the pudding Buttons
are also a set....

is back in stock as are some others that will hopefully get themselves onto the website today....


I have posting to do today from the sale....that was fantastic !
Thanks for making it an event !
Then I want to make up some more Xmas & Everyday boxes ..after I do the floors & bathroom !!
I was in Melbourne,I drag my feet to go, but once in city traffic again..I settle in easily.
I had a dental appointment which went fine.....
And I so love walking in the speciality shops to see all Christmas...
It seeps into my is something I always love to do wherever I am..
absorb colours, themes, styles & be it in d├ęcor, clothing, the way displays are is sort of like walking in a wonderful cottage garden...…. 
There is a paper shop in Camberwell on Burke Road that is always just amazing....
It's loaded with so many exquisite paper products & some London Fudge tins I wish I had bought...but I was on my way to dentist !
Late afternoon & evening I spent a wonderful time with my brother & his partner....
Then time to go home the next day.
A snake was in one of the unit garages ( again) yesterday...
So who had her garage door wide open for half the day !!!
Snake watch now...creepy !
Qld with all the bush fires raging, and Sydney squelched in heavy rain....
it is not such a happy time for many .
Take Care everyone...
Barb x 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Black Friday Sale is on Now

Black Friday Sale has begun and will continue until Tuesday.
Seeing I rarely know what day it is... thought we can have Friday any day !
Also the power is due out here on Friday for most of the day...
So I won't be hooked up to much !

The Christmas Decorations, Christmas Buttons, Everyday & Xmas Button boxes 
are reduced by 50%
This sits on my desk... so I look up to a happy scene !

This happy button card was loaded into the web last night, I do not tire of making these cards up.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Buttons on cards ..more


I know I love doing these cards...
Post costs  prevents them for being boxed but imagine opening box after box & finding surprises ….
The cards allow me to draw stories & to create stories & recently stamping some …
it's all part of the creativity....
Only one of each card is available & they are great value for $.....

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Starting to Decorate

I am inspired....
I took 2 nights off ..last week...
Went away ….
It was very lovely...
Nothing in particular... just browsing here & there.
My cousin's farewell was a great...
Now I know that sounds just a bit blaze..
Simple service.... a wonderful colleague & friend talked & it rounded my cousin's life off so well.
Then the wake & the nursing folk he worked with for 39 years were the best....we as a family were sorry our cousin missed the party...he would have loved it !
If we look back too far we can see the sadness in that .
As people we need to be so aware 
too much disconnect, bullying,lack of empathy when things are not right for a person....sometimes a few extra thoughts could make a difference.
I don't know but I want to make something move forward for what happened....
We had a really fantastic farewell
One thing before I leave this …
We have one uncle left at 84...he is amazingly awesome..
He was the backbone... so proud of this man...

Days do wander on....
I came home determined to get my stuff in order...
to idea what...but I'll know exactly what needs to go when I come across it !
So I am cleaning... moving some furniture around... decorating …
all at the one time !