Thursday, March 21, 2019

Simply being Polite

Simply put teacups and a bright orange flower....sitting on a bright happy coloured strip of fabric over a linen?cotton mix heart shape.
I have been doing a few of these with bright birdies and whatever floats by me on the table.

 Today in my post a book arrived that I had ordered
The second book of
Munjed Al Muderis
who was a former refugee from Iraq and was treated very poorly in our detention system to become an amazing orthopedic surgeon who uses implants through osseointegration .

I first saw his story on Ahn Doh a brilliant man also with many talents who arrived also as a refuge from Vietnam....
then on my Instagram followers the other day came a fake site with came Mudjed's photos but a different "Dr's name   
I was a little curious 

Funny though the following afternoon I sat to paint & listen to Conversations on Radio National ABC
the interview was with 
Munjed Al Muderis

We are so fortunate …..
Sadden he was treated so badly by our own...
I listened to his journey back in Baghdad to help many amputees in the country that he fled.
In the conversation I learnt of this book and also a previous book
I ordered Going Back that afternoon & it has arrived.

This melted in with Insight this week Tv program on SBS in regards to loneliness & how this has affected many,,,, this was all after the killings in Christchurch.
3 stories where bigoted antics are played out & in many sources today encouraged

Does it take that much to be polite, to smile & accept others and to value human nature
just plainly for how you treat them when presented to them in the street, perhaps out shopping, on social media, in your groups.

One thing I am really proud of is when Country Friends & Woodcutter's Daughter set the first
We made a very conscious decision that everyone was greeted and if arriving alone we escorted them to a table & got some welcoming happening...….to feel included.
We made sure that we connected the 80+ people.... 
Many formed new friends from other parts of Australia & who met back up the following year.

Plus we had the best weekend ….
That is what it should be about....