Friday, August 31, 2018

Buttons again

 *A little strip of decorating with buttons that I popped on the front page of my web...
The mini decorations on the tree
Remember these sets are $15.00 includes posting and until 1 Sept 2018 there is a 10% discount that will be adjusted after ordering.

* New trees with one of the red small stars & gros grain ribbon on a small canvas frame...

* Then a corner of my living area..with a white china rabbit I could not resist from Factory & Field on a recent trip to Cohuna.
* Mini decorations strung across a small canvas frame & red stars & red triangle buttons in a row ... ric rac & gros grain ribbon
* The last in the strip are decorations hanging from a wire memo board... saving some favourite sayings from places I have found them & my lovely old but such use is the white twig wreath.