Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Santa Santa & More

While I was in the boxes in the garage at the weekend...
I found all manner of things...
Happy Santa Decoration on a felt heart..is one of last year's design 

Santa with Holly was the year before the above...with a tighter scalloped edge....


A lot I knew where in there & some fabrics & painted & stamped fabrics I renewed some memories..
In amongst the memories is this fabric painted santa face....which I did from my Christmas book ( Woodcutter's Daughter one )
for a Gathering weekend in Warracknabeal a while ago now.
There was also a bon bon that the painted face was also attached to.. or here we did a little bag to hang from a tree.
I have traced out some different Santa heads etc to paint when I finish an order...it's lovely to go back to fabric painting...

Then in the boxes I also found some Santa & rabbits stitchings that folk had stitched for me
Some of these became wood decorations in square postage stamp frames for a season some years back now.

Today more Xmas Button cards are loaded into the website. this is one of them !!