Thursday, June 21, 2018

Buttons Have gone Flying.....

I began this & suddenly whoops all pictures & words GONE....
Some of the reason I have been quite this week 
I have been painting this one order which has now gone flying to Germany...
I never tire of those little tan reindeers.....they were going with the December Santa which in the collage are on the paint table in their raw state.....

I made this collage also because it looks cheery  & complete LOL
I did have the Sweet Angel done as a decoration for a special order this week & painted it today & I really do like it for a tree decoration.... so maybe ...Need to see what production costings are.

Which reminds me 
Newsletter arrived today & she often interviews & writes on quilt & craft industry in USA & sometimes Australia gets a voice too.
Today was about the Quilt Shows IN USA & attendance over several years..
Our industry is undergoing some massive shifts & you may need to consider your favourite quilt shop or fabric etc... and also attend the quilt shows when you can as lack of foot traffic eventually has to close these wonderful venues.

Read back thru several of her newsletters & see what fabric companies are closing or shrinking back.
On another note one of my favourite magazines I have to order in from USA is stopping the production of WHERE WOMEN CREATE  I love these profiles.  But they have a new one beginning in August IN HER maybe ????
These  are at
when totally done call in & see me at