Sunday, April 15, 2018

The View


Some fantastic rain for us yesterday & the days are now snug & cool.
Summer was way too long...
Sorry for Sydney & just down the road for bushfires.

Happy colours I always enjoy....

Several people have asked if I am resting......
..depends what one means by resting.

Painting orders still continues with 
retail & the designers popping in

I do take a day here & there now 
to work on other paper stuff, 
bits of fabric & felt are returning to the table....
some reorganising & redecorating now gets my full attention.. 
not stop & start.
When I resigned from the public service because of a nasty bullying persistant harassment that nearly took my life. 
I decided that when I embarked on the next journey it was one of passion
 I love what I do  .....
I really enjoy the journeys it has taken me on.....
I also realised from starting out with the monthly markets in the 1990's that it all became part of the way I lived & has done so ever since .
It became a very easy healing process meeting some happy, gorgeous .. gentle people...
Painting trays with pink roses ...cows & people....sewing cloth dolls & santas...they always soften the days... stories made with stitcheries & so it goes on....

Now I have travelled up there & down along the valley roads & rising up & down as the journey takes one....

I often enjoy conversing with colleagues now on their journey's... 
sometimes I quiz, 
sometimes I suggest 

sometimes I get so excited for their processes & their successes  ..
so where will this journey take me next ????
Right now I am happy to coast... 
foot off the pedal..... LOL

I have just finished reading The French Perfumer which has now left a gap in my what to read next....
I enjoy Amanda Hampson's writing as I also read The Olive Sisters  before this French Perfumer.
I usually have a non fiction on the go also & have just started reading the Silent Invasion 

another from Kikki which is a work book to think & do things differently ( always hopeful) 

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