Saturday, April 7, 2018


Tags I did the other day .
I love doing stories...
Simple ones... BY The bobbing on the protected waters...painted in the blues, reds & whites all a little mix..
$5 per tag.... postage will probably hold 3 in small letter thing

These stamped tags were done some time ago..
But I happened apon them like treasures ...
So now all gone
At the moment I only have one on the web of these ...the one bottom left
Think it is $4.95

These Christmas ones I love love love !!! will be on web hopefully by Monday.
It is this later system I replaced laptops & then scanner & talk about a difficult lot....
So depending how it co operates as I go to load stuff & whatever else is bothering me in my private life....sometimes I just get over it & wander off.... LOL

Today I need a break now !!!
Had 2 lots of great news today, one sniffy snipe on email ... dreadful news I read...
I am going to paint & sip tea ..maybe stitch
Anyone wish to join me ?
Au Revoir