Thursday, April 26, 2018

Button Stories

The day is finding me scanning these stories into my computer & then after a few frustrating moments wandering down to the kitchen table to load them onto the webpage....I have resized them so they fit onto the webpages they are small here & for the other reason which I won't mention ...LOL
I adore designing as I go to make up stories as I have done here..
what I am saying is that the one offs are just part of me 
that freedom I did in business has allowed me
 to wander a little freely in how I sell the designs... .
UNIQUE in a different way than just the way I design my buttons & hand paint them...
EXCLUSIVE... won't be many I will do repeats for...
some layouts will be alike but with different buttons..

You will see me smiling...
As I do untangle my habits ....
I find myself with freedom to not hold this in stock ...
To draw & play with a batch of painted or unpainted buttons and not have to keep a check of what is needed for this story...
because I am telling you this story...once ...
it is ok..don't you think ?
Now my stories ..

The 3 French ladies have come into Paris 
have they stepped out of their apartments 
& met up close by ?  
They will or can take you on one lovely shopping experience as you stitch the words & the buttons...

The cats in le jardin.... I originally did this as a French rabbit & a bird house .... some of the changes as I love the circles to have some stitched words enveloping my buttons or as in the Christmas designs I actually get that cut......

Then there is Christmas.
My absolute favourite is the Noel pudding sampler it was a repeat but now it is just this one & if you miss this one there will be other variations of this.
And Christmas in a circle ...with a house & a cat !!!
Each are priced a little less than individual buttons...
How lucky is that !!!! 

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