Thursday, March 22, 2018

On the Table


Yesterday the paint table produced these pieces that will go on the website later today...
I need to post some thread keepers & Easter Tags..first.
The mornings just seem to wander off at times...

I have one of each of the pink things here...
Other Temptations will have the 2 bird thread keepers & maybe the other pink angel will be in houses categories

I found a Marilyn brooch shape..well there are 2 but I have only painted this one thus far..
Love the red spots  

These decorations are all ready to go at the new price of $5.00 each
The snowman & co are 65cm only 3 & one has star etched border...
The Cheery Santa & PLum Pud are 6cm  there are 6 puddings & 9 Cheery santas to go !!!

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