Saturday, March 24, 2018


I know you have seen them before but I had accidently slipped them from view on my web along with a couple of santas & co... off having  a little rest they were!
These are back where they belong today rest to follow

I am waiting for a storm the sky is a layer of black long clouds with another odd sky & it has got dark.
Hope for the tent folk they will miss the storm...

Last night I heard a loud noise around 8.30, thought best go see what fellover...
then I hear bang !
Was that a gun or a fire cracker
Bang !
Well both are illegal I
l'll report in  to law...
When I explained where I lived & that a dead kangaroo had been left rotting in vacant land over the road all week...he was relieved it was the police shooting an injured roo

So this morning I wander out to see ..well I saw the dead roo in front of my neighbour's house
Just waiting now for the council to remove this one....
Yes I rang to report that today.
Poor roo it is the 3rd one this week....not many left of that mob now.