Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bunny Tags

Bunny Tags...in blue with stamping & bright happy bunnies & 3 have parasols for the weather..
sunny or rainy

Onto the web today have come these bright Christmas coloured batch of cats..there is only one..
The Bright Umbrellas are there too
The Cow..she is there on a small farm of 11 milkers
Santa... he is always popular but a chore for me to paint so you see him now & then !
Egret in white with a red scalloped border 
Most are very slim in stock

Red paint on the palette & a few spare buttons on the table can be a really bright affair
One pair of red bunnies & I cannot recall if the white set have made it onto the web today...but will be soon.....
What about the red kissing birds only 2 left...no other colours now....