Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Vintage Quilts & Friendship Book arrived
Max & Louise Pattern Company's Book
arrived yesterday in the post !!!
A gorgeous publication by Quilt Mania in France
Each alternate page is in French...
Their beautiful quilts is such a long way from where I sit....admiration always.
I love the way both Louise & Lisa make the same quilt design in their own colourways...
I have been fortunate to have touched some of these quilts  & been a guest trader at some of their workshops.
What lit me up the first time I met them was their lovely sharing way of doing business.  It took me straight back to my early days & I felt so at home in their space.
Thanks to both Lisa & Louise for allowing me to step inside your world & your book. 
Thanks Lisa for such kind inspiring your book .....
I could do with that Barb the motivator to refocus today ..LOL
I don't have all working parts for a photo but will show things when the computer arrives flew out of Singapore yesterday & is in Melbourne today & likely to be here at my door today also..

Working with one hand tied behind my back..
I have been quietly painting some excess to my current collection of Christmas decorations & when myself, the scanner & repaired computer all connect I will add to the website....I can do some now but it takes a long time....& I am a bit restless where that goes..
So you will see a few gems on the website now in the cats/animals department & House & garden slot..
I have painted 2 blue in this angel & 2 pink & 2 red & 2 white...they are all there is ..the blue & pink are soft & really are the everyday all year around angel we need !

 The red one is so lovely to just hang from a tree at Christmas or use in a project ...put into a small frame...many uses

The cats.....basket case in amongst the flowers & who hasn't found your cat just doing this..or worst still lying flat out in the middle of your flower bed !
Likewise the Cats & Quilt button... I have 2 on the web this & a very pastel one & one on the paint table...that will be it..for that run in the collection.... but again my dear departed Millicent cat  knew a thing or 2 about strong country colours....she always made her way to the quilts that had strong colours of that decorating era...& part of her fur was white....
but I loved !
These are expressions of what our cats do...
Now there is a version about the same dimension as this cat quilt button as a little stitchery for you to work on a small pillow for pins, or a needle keeper, small gift bags....etc..
The Cat/Quilt small stitchery with a variation of that kitten wanting to be up there on top of the quilts & eventually you'll hear a crash in that room & find quilts & flowers all on the floor & cats no where to be seen.