Friday, February 16, 2018

I needed an angel in a serene scene


Marg Low Designs is heading off in early April to
at beautiful Carlton Gardens Melbourne building in first week In April..with a few of these very popular designs & this is my favourite....
Marg is working on many new designs to release this year

Gee there are times when I fancy sinking into some peaceful scene ....

Loads of small obstacles today & some stupid young girl cut the corner I was coming up to before something awful... are they blind.... ???? 

We have advanced with specs nowadays ....
did they buy that driver's licence ????
or is it something else ?

Lots of people are driving over white lines & cutting corners & smashing !!

Take it from me one never returns bodily after a car accident !
Which brings me to the Body Strengthening place I visited yesterday & I am excited as an at home program is being developed for me to strengthen the body I go back for checks each 6 weeks...
So monitoring is good for me.
This is to make the muscles that locked down when in the midst of arthritis pain ( accelerated after car accident yrs ago now  )last year work properly again.
The body is amazing.... 
I am so hopeful this will be a great piece of my vision for this year done !!!
A Tai Chi teacher I had in Bendigo has been given a wonderful award
 It is so great as he was very talented & taught us with such charm
Bravo Raymond