Sunday, February 4, 2018

Galahs & these massive graders

Things I see outside my door or window at times amazes me
But yet to see something like this .... little echidna taking a bath in a plastic tub in Canberra

The video even shows this spiky guy turn over & scrub his tummy !!!

At the side in the next block is a flowering gum tree and lots of birds come into this...parrots at least 2 know I hardly take lots of notice... I hear them mostly.
Galahs & white Cockatoos have recently arrived with young ...& they are usually eating in the paddocks over the road & sometimes each has a screaming fit outside on this tree.
I walked in from emptying my teapot the other morning & looked at them & thought quick great photo...

They are wary of metal objects & as I took a second photo they began to fly off
what a lovely sight it was

Friday ...these 2 machines start up over the road & I watch for a while to see what they are doing
Then later I watch more intently..... there is a mound of compacted dirt...the front end loader with those metal catapillar wheels pushes the large machine up the mound...
Once at the top, the front end loader backs off
& the other long thing starts to plough up the soil in the one spot..
then back comes the front end loader to move the broken up soil off the mound. 

I admired the precision of both the operators... 
that trust in each other's skills as they move to a precarious position...
The cabin in that long thing wobbles a bit as it gets to stabilise on the narrow mound.
I thought as I watched & took pictures in the latter part of this operation.
These operators know about
as well as driving these things ...
Now if this style of operators would run the country...
How amazing would that be...
See there is no room for error in this operation