Wednesday, January 31, 2018

There is a New Cat ..button coming

A new cat is coming soon....sitting tall the image stares back at me as I write.... the cat is in paper form....sitting stately & quitely...
We are waiting for the post to arrive today !!!!
Reorders of new and other things I do already are coming in ....from another part of Australia.
my card labels are also arriving.

Being a cool day I have scant excuse not to paint what is on back order & what has arrived in yesterday.
I have these signs which have meaning to the summer ...especially.

Pondering last 2 days about our country's electricity problems and how in Melbourne on 2 extremely hot days the power went off for hrs..
Our Premiere has been discussing some good tactics or is at least aware of the problems...
Specific power supply companies failed..... so I am thinking

Not only do we need to ask if changing companies for our electricity that price is not the only issue we should be asking... we also need to ask ???? WILL we be guaranteed supply of power in critical hot & cold times ???
If not what compensation package do they have in place for us if this happens...
No not any private insurance we take out ...because a service has failed to provide in our country renown for heat in summer.....cold in winter....

Otherwise we go elsewhere....companies who are prepared to support what they stand for.
The other issue is the costs incurred when a company  installs new power poles, wires & will I add smart metres  being added to the consumer ...
This is a business cost, not a consumer cost of maintaining a core business ....
Sorry this has been going on for years & always annoys the heck out of me....

As I progress in age I look ahead & then to today & then I cast my eye back...
I sometimes thing we have not been innovative enough... not  a lot has happened.
When power was run by our Butter factory on summer teatimes
Whack the power would go out ( usage was overloaded & it was 1950's  )
The kerosene hurricane lamp would be with the salt & pepper on the table 
we had light