Friday, January 26, 2018

It was a fun day with Lisa & Jacinta

No Pictures of the day Lisa called by...
Facebook at Lil Blokes may have a picture

Lisa is one part of Max & Louise Pattern Company
Love this bubbly woman....
I had a super day.....

We always have conversations on our working businesses in very different design parts of the one industry.
Celebrate achievements, dreams . ptrocesses.....hurdles & whatever else strolls past the radar.
I find these styles of conversations so valuable in the stimulating of a different part of the creativity process & it is where we can talk openly of our journeys in the industry.

I am awaiting the release of Max & Louise Quilt Book by Quiltmania
I have ordered mine yesterday from Can do books in Melbourne
Internationals go to Quiltmania website to order
After a lunch at the local hotel...
We drove in convoy to View Street to L'il Blokes Design quilt shop 
Where Lisa & Jacinta had a marvelleous hour I think, loading fabric after fabric bolt & bundle on the counter...laughing and talking with Lyn the L"il Blokes designer
The 3 vanished behind the back store room
It was a wonderful sight...
Creative people in a huddle in someone's studio
When Lisa was at my little spot....
She lined up all the different Christmas tree buttons & was happily making a Christmas Tree Farm
Before I put the buttons back into a big box....
I lined them back in same order in a frame

 Remove the trees & Line up the stockings
This is layout before adding a stitch... things to keep in my mind & to inspire Theodora Cleave customers what looks great ! 

Now it is just reds
 2 stockings & a heart.... breaks up the layout in a different way