Thursday, January 4, 2018

Interesting exchange at the rubbish bin

It was on dusk when I took this photo of the kangaroos over the road.
This camera isn't as strong as my last are some of the small mob ...
Earlier I had walked out to the kerb to add some rubbish to my bin for collection tomorrow.
3 people were wandering along & I thought they were unsure where they were going, so asked if they were looking for someone.
"No" says the young man," we have come to watch the kangaroos.
My cousin girl lives in Melbourne & this man is from India.& I live here"
The Man from India had a camera with a huge lens & the roos were just coming out to graze behind another building .....
The man from India says "Happy New Year"
It was such a lovely gesture...
It took me to The Very Best Marigold Hotel movie.

It is so good to encounter other nationalities who have moved here or are  visiting. We often forget how these interactions enrich us.
Later I saw the man get a little closer with the camera.
The roos will stand up & observe. I thought they are not that worried.
Later the mob has moved just across the road ..

This looked like the mother's group with young in various ages, couple still in the pouch.
Someone else walked at the very edge of the paddock with her dog & they watched...
Then another couple with a greyhound on a lead walk to the edge of the paddock & the roos watch again...
I think they were enjoying being the tourist attraction....& were curious too. Often they take flight bounding off into the bushland.

I took 2 pictures & flash went off, then they bent down to graze,,,I figure they know who I am.
I always love to watch them out of my kitchen window.