Thursday, January 11, 2018

Back to work

I returned to proper work on Monday
orders have kept me busy as well as the new designs ...
Some go in the post today & should be at my door by tomorrow.
Always exciting for me to see the scratchy sketches turn into some interesting wood buttons or decorations or brooches....

Over my break I did some painting and have carded these onto white tags tied with ribbon or twine etc.....these are starting to appear on the website under buttons...
venience when you 
Reminder about that refresh button on the top left of your thing. Every so often it needs to be cleared as it doesn't update when I update my website.
I have every so often a perfect looking order but I have removed the stock some time ago...
I freak as I think Oh No I didn't delete that ...????
So race over for a look & of course it is nowhere to be seen..
To clear the cache you hit the refresh button a few times.
I learnt this when having a website designs & changes were made but in front of me sat the old pictures....the designer gave me this advice to clear the cache & voila !!!

Here is a sample of some of the buttons on tags...
Daisys & mini Hollyhocks are on the website but only a few as yet. 
$6 + postage & handling 

I also painted the French Freda lady button in pale pink...she looks very soft 

The buttons with the ladies, cakes, any sewing machines are now included in House & Garden category.
I also added a category of the current buttons & decorations that Marg Low uses in her designs.