Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas is near

Today is cool & clear & calm
It can stay that way !

Last evening as i had settled down to watch TV, the bell rings & I find the 2 neighbourhood young boys carrying a little old blonde dog that is blind.
They ask if I'd know who owns the dog.  Alas I had no idea.

They had found it on their lawn when they had come home with their Mum & they didn't want it to be run over like the dog they saw that happen to last week.
Compassionate young man of maybe 11 or 12yrs ...he obviously loved dogs.
I commented as I patted the dog that someone must love it dearly.
"Yes" he says, "who wouldn't love it"

I offered to house the dog overnight if they failed to find the owner as they had 2 dogs of their own & this would have to stay outside...
"That would help says the young boy"
Off they went to enquire some more...& didn't return so my hope is all's well.
It was a lovely touch to the end of the day after the fire...

The larger decorations here are getting going down in the stock

I love the rabbits ....
Giving the snowman some holly to decorate with
This decoration was in a past collection..
I have some as they are some favourites ...
They all are !

These are available.... some are in shorter supply....
Depends on how I use them on the website...

 Here they are tag to tree
I do love the look of the tags with buttons & tied to the trees...
to gifts...