Monday, November 27, 2017

Peeking Thru the Window

I love pinterest to see through many other folks windows
The universal sharing of 
home decorating
shop window displays
street displays
I can make my own visions of Christmas !
I draw & have the decorations & buttons cut.....& then I paint 
Sometimes I play !!!
I have this frame maybe a year or 2 ago now & I have used to to show what a happy scene can be made with my buttons..on a bit of fabric stitching..
I have just remembered I have another larger frame not rustic rubbed back but a frame with many little squares...
When the lull of FRiday sale quitens down...I am going to start that project.

Now where is this plate .... it was Julie's & I bought it when she moved just over a year ago.
It is much loved & it will be in the midst of some display ..
These decorations are 2 seasons ago ...the birds are & the deers well they love being here with me & next season I think I want new santas..I usually add one or 2 depending how the pencil flows LOL
He is always tucked up safe he was originally in my Christmas book of years ago.