Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Look What I found in Cohuna


A weekend of amazing sights at the Cohuna festival.
So many happenings.
I met a friend & we did the Art Trail on Saturday...
A diverse array of talent was on display as we visited studios & working grounds or the park

The first one was the Johnson's Farm full of the most creative amazing pieces of art made from collecting and upcycling.
This board has a history, as a house demolished with all the numbering that was carved into the wood for house assembling. 

This belongs on a huge building wall ....there were others all different...

The garden art was just gorgeous 

Into the park to see this artist at work with her pencils & detailed creatures that have found a home in story books ...

Then onto a town artist with her huge panels of colour & happiness

These huge metal flowers were part of the display for sale in a farm plant nursery...
This was part of another day's journey thru the farm gates

Windella Farm has many creative pursuits & this is the goat's soap from their cutest herd of goats... again I found this on the Farm Gate tour..
More artists were on display & photography.... but I didn't get an appropriate moment to seek permission at some studios as it was busy day.