Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Farms at Cohuna

400 Acres Organic Farm
the passionate Elliot & Chelsea 
who work the farm tirelessly each day...
The eggs are yum 
& now I think I have met all of the chooks who lay on this farm...
& eventually arrive at Farmer's Market ( Bendigo this Saturday ? ) 
& just the Saturday gone at Castlemaine Farmer's Market 

The beautiful organically grown cows......with Organic Milk production !
that live & are part of this delightful farm

We walk further along the path... to find the serious egg production

The eggs are laid in their bus...
& have some elaborate roll down to a frontflap to collect eggs system.

Which the chooks are trained,
 when young to hop up into the bus for laying 
for night time sleep 
 like all buses they go somewhere 
& so does a bus load of chooks on an organic farm....
.they move to another site on the farm...

Here are one of the several Marema  dogs that are the chook guard dogs.
Resting under the bus 
Harmony !

Leaving the 400 Acres farm 
onto an impromtu lunch at another farm...of an old school friend.
Impressive ( as always )
Huge table with huge bowl of salads ( from the garden)
& cold meats...with delicious homemade chutney & salad dressing ....champagne.... pavlova & cake...

We were a wee bit late to see the mini piglet farm...
but in time to see these cows at milking time.
Elmar Farm

Huge black & white girls behaving orderly as they wait for their turn on the merry go round of being milked.
 These cows are special & as one says "She has breeding"
Well here were several hundred well bred girls in one spot....
Facebook post will explain it best

Curious creatures & I always try not to disturb the animals to get a picture..
First off these ladies are so tall !!!
They are penned in waiting...
they are there for milking
& does she know ..
her milk could be on the table in your favorite cafe latte in the city ???

I think she knows LOL

Into the stall ready to grab her spot on the rotary milking machine

The rear view....
and the day is over....
This  is dairy country & now we see some changes to farming....which are exciting

Theodora ... had a farm in this district ...
the milking & the stock size was smaller & all by hand....

The Cohuna Progress Committee drove this celebration 
Everyone came on board for a fantastic week of ..well celebration.
Now next posting will be some more scenes from the CHRISTMAS SHOP at FACTORY & FIELD
which is in Cohuna ...
The new adventure for Jenny from Factory & Field is the Waffle Shop
It was busy busy busy.....