Tuesday, October 10, 2017

On the way Back from Cohuna


I was driving through the farmlands just out of Cohuna & one herd of cows were waiting at the gate to go across the road for milking.
I wound down my window & not wanting to spook them & upset the milk quota for the evening  I only to took this  photo ...
of them thru the gate....
Tall girls
Cohuna is having THE BIG COHUNA FESTIVAL 3 to 7th November 2017
&  download the program..
Which I think is so interesting...I love much of what is on 
Imagine attending a Cow auction ... I didn't think that each cow had a birth certificate...
Wine & Cheese cruising on the Gunbower Creek.....which flows out of the Murray River & back in again...
art exhibition... photography ... 
Open Art Studio Trail
Feasting Table
Farm Yard Frolic 
which is a tour of goat farm that makes soaps....a plant nursery... Little pigs...a farm to table farm ... the dairy cows in their jobs ... and 400 acres Chooks = eggs & cows....with special chooks that have Maremma guard dogs.
The home of that Christmas Shop .....

As I turn from Cohuna towards Pyramid Hill, I decide to turn off the road to look at the scene..
at Bald Rock.
It is one of those surprises...
The Terrick Terrick range in the background & those sweeping hills...
Gave me my understanding one hot summer how my ancestors drove 600 head of sheep from a cooler climate ( but similiar terrain ) at Mount Mercer to Pyramid Hill.
It's how you view the day really !
Spring is a delightful view 

Along with wheat & canola fields there are now lupins in flower I think.....
Same hill just turned slightly 
towards Kow Swamp  the water way off in the distance.

I was about to drive back onto the road & liked this view also....with Pyramid Hill in the distance.
Something in the DNA I wonder ? LOL
That & Christmas decorating ....