Monday, September 25, 2017

More Native Flowers

From the Native Plant society show on the weekend in Bendigo.... some more gums

This is so serene I think 

This one is a really citrusy yellow ....amazing colour

This one is in flower right next door & up the back on the hill.   I see the parrots & the wattle bird drinking from the flowers

This is a grevillea I think....the flowers were so busy I thought "this will make a good photo"

Grew some of these in the Canberra garden
It was interesting strolling around the plants & the plant took me back to when we planted that huge block of land in Canberra & I would go to the native plant society sales in Canberra once a month I think in those times...
Come home with little tubes of selected plants.
I could not plant much here although I do have some bottle brushes in pots & some callestemons in the side common garden  

I just love this, it is this one or a similiar Hakea that has recently been planted on nature strips in Kangaroo Flat...It is a neat shape & the flowers spike up & look so stunning.
Hakeas can be just that beauty
This is the other hakea with beautiful red brush flowers

I kept this photo on it's side to enable label reading... as once I turned the photo I lost the words..
It is some native lime..
Small fruit & such a beautiful look.
At times I think oh no I won't go to this or that display.... but you know I always gain something of interest from the shows or displays...
This was no exception.....
It also took me my big gardening days...
I don't miss it, but I enjoyed that experience of the big garden & visiting this Flower show...