Wednesday, August 30, 2017

UB - Stick Design ....Cross Stitch Books & My Buttons

Look what I got to wake up to this morning....!!!!
So beautiful.

Ulrike of UB- Stickdesign  is the creator of these 2 beautiful books...
The Everyday Angel large button I painted in blue for her and I did many & off to Germany they all went.... it was today I saw the most beautiful design for the angel to sit in...
Book is " So Oder So Part 3 Art L2017-3 
You know when I see another designer use my work it is a very special moment.

Christmas speaks across all languages & mediums & this is no exception

The small December Button & his faithful deer are in this Christmas book and the small everyday red angel 
" Im Advent" Art No E - 1031W

The website for contact with Ulrike is above & she has a lot of divine cross stitch buy from her or she will direct you to where...