Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Show & Tell

This was to be a quick blog ..but where did I store these works by Val & Gudrun 
Found them ....finally.
This first photo is from Val stitched & to felt the brown paper bag stitchings I have designed...
Val has added them to Felt & detailed with rusty bells....gorgeous idea...

Gudrun is in Sweden & she wrote of making carry bags to replace the plastic bags polluting the Swedish waters .... we in Australia are talking about plastic bag free towns.
When I arrived in Cohuna about 15 years ago it was already plastic bag free town..
I had a tricky time adapting as the bags... I always forgot to take from my car boot for my replacement 
Gudrun has stitched one of my lady designs onto the bag & added a flowerpot button too.
How good is that for shopping !!!!