Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bunny Loves

The Bunny Loves have lived here for several years & have even gone off to play in Marg Low's Design in her gorgeous project...
They grew much larger for a time & were stamped with overlay on white to sit beautifully in a frame..
They have never had a coat to keep them warm
So as they were drawn to be together... I have given them a red & a pastel blue coat.

And is the flip... can you spot the difference now ???
They have also been made as separate bunnies  & both are quite different their body shapes do not match.
Together they think they can keep themselves safe & warm from marauding brown foxes
 (I saw one in the field on Saturday where my white rabbit & his brown brothers & sisters once lived)
Now fog lays on the ground where the rabbits once lived...& were killed ...

 Bunny Loves keep warm beside the warm fire. and your hearts

I nearly forgot these were also stitched & felt images on gorgeous fabric I have here that Jenny did for me some years ago....
Now the Rabbits with some friends will be in a Brown Bag stitchery very soon