Thursday, May 25, 2017

Walking that took in Bath & in Chancery Lanes

I love little spaces where unique stores bloom...
where the beauty & creativity is the people who run the businesses..
Chancery Lane
is full of vibrancy & flowers & artwork...
Magic space  

Coffee is a must along here or lunch...
a little shopping & a visit to the barber shop

If you are travellers... 
this clock tower is over the Bendigo Information centre 
& this is across the road from Chancery Lane

Just look at the design work that drips from this building ......

I started my walk in Bath Lane....& I love this building & it's tree
I have photographed it many a time....
Love the shadows the stark tree places on the white building...

I was waiting to cross the road at the lights to wander thru Hargreaves  open Mall..
( which needs some serious loving... I just despair at how it has allowed itself to get this way...)
Autumn leaves are everywhere at present... & these just lay there...for a moment before the wind moves them 

I found this little autumn scene as I stood taking photos of the City Family Hotel building.....interesting build is that & I love it
These leaves were blown about from little wind gusts...
& my small camera captured it !!!!
Shadows again 

I came home to work on 2 Christmas samplers..... they are on the website  

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