Sunday, April 30, 2017


I am tidying up my studio..
there always seems to be boxes of buttons that I was going to do this or that for or extras I was painting my an event...leftovers  & many I have removed from website because I get tired of painting them.
Some designs are quite detailed to paint  & if I've painted several 100 & it is slow tight painting....
I think I am NOT painting this again so pull it from the website. 
Some of these are in this lot & are perfect in everyway including prices  & many sepia buttons are on the market because the designers do not paint now I have some too LOL

They do all come with my copyright intact, which I hold for another 70 + years on most of these & it can be one of my illustrations & buttons etc that form my assets & are bequeathed after I have gone from this planet......
I am reminding that this is with all my designs except where I have done specific designs for another company or they have bought the rights to use the designs in another medium.

No buttons or Christmas decorations have ever been sold rights ..however from time to time I see some modification of my original work floating about in another button ....
I know my original work because I draw it....I can see very quickly where a head is removed to become a mannequin ..waist ever so slightly changed 
As with this lady button  below..
She is quite detailed even though she presents in a simplistic look 

Another side bit is when any designer does a free giveaway of a design, that copyright remains with the designer.....most freebies are not for any commercial use by another. & if you buy a pattern/ product from a designer's work you are not buying the rights. you are buying that one design to use in stitching, sewing onto a project ...making your quilt not  to reproduce it ...Designers can on sell that right if they chose, pull it back off a free file etc etc...
Designs are featured in stitcheries, appliques, buttons, decorations, fabric, crockery etc etc so first it need to be authentic...& all designer's works need to be respected.....

Most do exactly that but one only needs a commercial copy to go off into the universe as it does today, stores buy it in, they sell on line stores often at a cheaper price & it can reflect badly on the original designer as if she /he is the is not what we like to see in the industry spoils a great day

I have said enough ..LOL