Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's that day

It is ANZAC day today which remembers the men & women who went to war on our country's behalf
Many didn't come home & some of my blood relatives are buried in the French soil...
My father lay face down as the Japanese flew over him on their bombing raids in Darwin
He sort of came home 
I had a boyfriend who was conscripted to Vietnam war....& we lost that happy time forever.
I do not like war... I do not wish to engage in celebrations ... as the memories are raw...unkind .. & so cruel for those who went...& those who waited...

I do believe in the service personnel getting together...I recall those days when Dad's mate would arrive from Nhill or was it Nyah West  & they'd be very drunk but happy to share those times with each other...the secrecy acts stopped most from ever unloading all that happened to them as they tried to regain a "normal Life "

So I turn my face towards the sun 
return to a much more peaceful & happier place 
Gardens full of flowers...
Little buttons to paint...
Hope to heck we never experience more of what has gone before us....

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