Sunday, April 9, 2017

Eaglehawk..a walk in the park

When a friend mention she often went to the park in Eaglehawk ( Bendigo Suburb with gold mining history ) it reminded me of my very first tram ride.
My mother & I ( circa 4) had come in from the country to visit her parents..
This day  was special we took a tram ride out to Eaglehawk & walked in this park...
It was a most magical time 

So I walked again... alas no trams today.
but I took my camera along...

This is a vacant shop & I wonder who built it & for what purpose..
It is my little piece of Paris ..
I look at it & see buckets of flowers on the pavement...
Interesting giftware inside....maybe it serves tea & coffee...
The charm ! 

Just looking to my right is the Star Theatre which has been running movies & events for some years..
It is a most stunning piece of work..

Star Theatre again
I have just been looking at some pinterest spots around the world ...
these equal that beauty I see in Europe..
Many of these architects who developed part of Bendigo were European..
How lucky that gold was !!!

Star Theatre

I have wandered into the gardens now ...
I was hoping to find a fountain
It is working !!!
So beautiful

These lights are probably from the times the gardens were formed...many are dotted in Bendigo central

What an amazing find a gingko tree !!!

Holly with a couple of pale berries on it ...
How could I resist this picture ...Christmas is in my DNA