Sunday, March 5, 2017

Look What I SAW

Look what I saw on Thursday !!!!!
Blasting right in from my past ....
I was at Stitch & Patch in Lilydale & catching up with what Doreen has & was doing...
as I walked out to take my coffee cup back I see this...I  thought Oh that is nice..
then suddenly
OH MY GOSH it is my work from when I lived in Melbourne what 15 years or more ago now !!!
It is hand painted   .
I used to paint & sell these & also they were screen printed for stitching
I taught something like this too with the houses...
It prompts me to paint some more fabric !!!!

I went off for a working break mostly to do some drawing & thinking ...
when working from a home base often there are thoughts floating thru my mind but too many distractions
Going away often helps me harness this... so I pack the car not only with clothes & the gluten free requirements & books to read & books to work out of ..planning stuff
a box of buttons...fabric bits,  braids & ribbons, some felt.... pens to draw & pencils & the penci sharpener .....sketch book & note book.
The sample boards ..
So it always alarms others when I open the hatch...

So first night was at Rosebud & walks along the beach & it was HOT...
Too hot & noisy to stay in motel that I had taken on line... right over the busy   from the beach..with a set of traffic lights right there & the traffic woke me all night & when it went silent that woke me too...& I was hot.
So returned to melb to a motel I always enjoy & I did get my working mapping done & more time to spend at the above shop
Friday I drove up into Dandenong ranges & it was deliciously cool to  Olinda which had been a favourite shop spot for me  but it looked all so sad & disappointing...
So came down to shop at where I once lived & later spent the evening with an old dear friend..
& after a walk around a lake yesterday morning
I headed back home taking one of those off roads  as I had been curious
Not anymore .....into the dry hills & it has a sense of remoteness as I drove on the wing waiting for the next little village to show up & hoping I didn't have to drive twice as far to get back..
It eventually came to be on the road I wanted & headed off then on on a highway to home ...