Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Collage of Life.

The day began ordinary enough...well that is my world..
Often I have left buttons & papers & pens scattered on the large pine table....
So as I eat breakfast I often gaze apon things...objects...& suddenly something is decided or moved & 
my journey of the day begins.
Yesterday was quite a "normal" day
I went off to post a large batch of Christmas decorations for an order....& continued on to Mon Coeur & caught up with Jenny....& I found a new dear little friend in her shop
The felted rabbit..
He is so cute !!
Priced at $19.95 
So he is home with me now on the tray I had cleared LOL..

Then the words were brought out to find what I might use in some samplers ....
Oh because I had been inking in some rather large drawings for stitching 
So one of my last jobs in this 24hrs was to scan & load the words well some of them onto my website
just scroll down to words & samplers under the nice side bar buttons there is typing there !!
I love the words just such fun
Bonjour, By the Sea , Tres bein...etc  

I did the GIVEAWAY while at the table ....mucking about but working also on 2 Christmas samplers sets of buttons...

TODAY I thought I need to put some things away & opened the cupboard in here & space & I spied the 2 collages I'd placed with some other display boards...
So pulled them out
These are such fun.....spray ink & stencils & fabric & old lace & stuff & my buttons & etc ... 
These have been done in different eras...
The first one if you have the energy to scroll way way back maybe you'll see that with other display boards of buttons 
this other one is maybe 2 years ago
when the BIG gorgeous stencils arrived !!
It was more a Paris theme for my French influence buttons.
When I paint more santas for an order ...& do some floors  ..
I have some more ideas now for all this
You know if you scroll back a way you may find how I described doing the last collage.

I also chatted to a lost contact for 3 hrs....& made a couple of other calls....
& washed my clothes LOL