Sunday, February 26, 2017

Inspiring ?

My tidy up continues....
Happy to say much furniture  has been found under trays, frames, magazines, tags, ribbons ,hoops
of course BUTTONS !!!!
I have even painted the remainder of the order that will go up for Marg Low Designs workshopping in Canberra at Belconnen Hobby sew ...
Which I so enjoyed visiting when I briefly returned to Canberra...
Christmas is the fare for me in all this with red, blue & white...
.reindeers in tan & white & blue...
what fun this has been....

Now...I have these canvas boards in the well as wanting to remain working in that Paris feel.
It is, for me, a lovely spacious soft spot to dwell
Goodness maybe because it has an order....!!!!
..that is a necessity for me..
Balance does not mean lined up...
it means being in Harmony with each object..

I was hoping to find where in the heck I have put the rest of my Button Brooch samples...????
Put them in some "safe spot"

....look in the collage picture & see what I have to play with for the remainder of my day
Tres bein....Au revoir...mon amis