Saturday, February 11, 2017

In the heat of these days

I have cabin fever because of the excessive heatwave & everything including me needs to be shut up...

So to try & distract myself 

As the sun faded but it remained light..
I painted sets of tulips and birds swishing in bird baths & bowls
& watering cans
They are on the website..
I have made these a value pack ...

Each design is defined with much cutting or etching....

The bird in the bowl is typical of what we get to see sometimes in our gardens

A little garden has been made ...always with many of my designs a few little stems with French  knots on top ..just anchor in buttons to a scene...

These I love, they are so delicate in design & cutting with an etch in the leaves 
Handy little flowers for all sorts of creating 

Millie cat found her way onto the new cards I received this week some cats have been painted & rescanned onto website

Selected Wood tags are on the web under Other Temptations
Each has been chalk painted....stamped & sometimes lightly stencilled as well...a little word has been added & tied with different ribbons I love !!!