Saturday, January 28, 2017

Looking at old Photos

It is fun to look at the pictures of how one began this journey... this said 1992 on the back of the photo...pre digital camera days 
We all begin somewhere  & each point of progress has meaning 
 A few years on.....
I see Sonia in the background ...I hear she is at Kingston Markets in Canberra
Below & to the left I see Philippa's ( Whiskers & Wings )  hessian scarecrows

My first cloth doll design
April Hope

 This was a little time later...pre magazine profiles for some of these...
Isobella, Nina , OzierBank & Bridie
Ozier Bank & Bridie were fashioned from my cloth dolls of that name....



I know how you feel--I found a photo of myself in my own shop I had back in 1995-1999--and now have it on the refrig--now sure if it for the memories--or to prove to myself that I once looked younger and cuter!!!!
enjoy the moments, di

theodora said...

Thanks for the insight Di. I think these were significant moments in our life & maybe some dream we just kept moving a meandering sort of way ( no road map) & opportunities & expereiences & one sees a photo & giggles but then things my goodness they were interesting times & you know we were part of a burgeoning industry....that was exciting Barb