Saturday, January 21, 2017

I know it isn't that time

Just another peek into my design world & when I get the energy I will scan these to place on the website..
New 2017 Decorations I have done & painted ...
decided which finer edge designs & colours are moving forward to go to sale..
There are 9 designs in all

This is an extension to some things I will be exhibiting at the show in July & as finished items  & a mixture of designs will be on them
As you know I don't stick to the same unless I need to ....LOL
I am having some fun though!!!

Now see the linen screen printed tea towel 
It has significance
as this is where my Christmas spirit built on hope that santa was real came from
The real Theadora was really at Wee Wee Rup
& right at the base in the print is Mincha & Pyramid Hill where some other Smith's came to live in 1800"s....
Nice tea towel Love the colour ways ...from newsagent in Cohuna on my last visit