Monday, January 2, 2017

Cat Stitcheries

I did promise I'd search these designs out from my archives & I am hoping this collage will suffice to print off yourself & I am going to publish & right click to copy to my file & print will be back in a momento

While this is printing, these are gifts from me to you for your own use, not for commercially adapting & using for any medium.  
Copyright for consent use is for sale....if you wish to wander down that track 
I have given these separate as it is a better way to get the full picture ....
Have fun & someone show me what they make please...I love this part !!!

These are some prints of the finished stitchings in colours & I think you can make out the stitches..
Mostly back stitch, French Knots & satin stitch
A couple of the designs are missing from the layouts to the picture but don't be too concerned....they'll come when I get to them LOL