Monday, January 2, 2017

Cat Stitcheries

I did promise I'd search these designs out from my archives & I am hoping this collage will suffice to print off yourself & I am going to publish & right click to copy to my file & print will be back in a momento

While this is printing, these are gifts from me to you for your own use, not for commercially adapting & using for any medium.  
Copyright for consent use is for sale....if you wish to wander down that track 
I have given these separate as it is a better way to get the full picture ....
Have fun & someone show me what they make please...I love this part !!!

These are some prints of the finished stitchings in colours & I think you can make out the stitches..
Mostly back stitch, French Knots & satin stitch
A couple of the designs are missing from the layouts to the picture but don't be too concerned....they'll come when I get to them LOL


florecouleur said...

Thank you !

Agneta said...

Thank You! Love them!

theodora said...

Florecoleur & Agneta
I am pleased you like the cats, enjoy & all the best for 2017 Barb xxx

You Sew - Me Sew said...

Thank you for sharing, lovely designs to stitch x

theodora said...

Enjoy stitching xxx Barb

Nelly said...

Vielen DANK liebe Theodora, für die herrlichen Stitcherie - Bilder.
Ich freue mich sehr darüber :-)))
Dir auch ein gutes gesegnetes gesundes neues Jahr!!!
Ich liebe Deinen Block und die BUTTONs

theodora said...

Thank you Nelly, enjoy the cat stitching !! Barb xxx

angela said...

Gracias. Me encantan sus bordados.
Gracias desde Chile