Sunday, January 8, 2017

All finished now LOL

This all happened at breakfast...
I didn't have a book or magazine to read  ( I have plenty but getting up to gather one )
So started to look in the box of what was left of the buttons 
I then finished breakfast & thought I'll draw some designs for new buttons...well I'll see.
As I reached for the paper I grabbed this paper too & so it began.
The very last 9 are now done & 2 have been sold as soon as they were on the web.

I have now settled some design decisions & ideas while playing about with all these buttons & making pictures...
The box is cleaned up & woo  hoo !!!!

Having an ego....I do keep it in check most of the time...
But I was doing the above collage
 & then did a big collage of many of the button sets that have been happening over the break !!!!
 Not quite all of them 
Yesterday I sketched some tea stuff.... not sure how that happened .
I was planning to use cup & teapot for the show & I was a bit weary of my old set...
They have been the same except for slight modifications inside the shape & a saucer added to the cup.
There are many I see floating about with the same shape & that always irratates me ...I always think go draw your own ...
So now I have a lovely set & it will take me out of the quaint style too that I had for years & years.
Must get them scanned & queued up for their first cuts...
Off to work on more drawings I have roughed out this morning.