Friday, December 16, 2016

Factory and Field Gift store in COHUNA

The photos do not do the Christmas Shop within this divine store justice.
As I turned to go into explore this  gave me this child like feeling
I thought I'd fallen into a pinterest dream store.
It is just a most exciting shop.
Factory & Field 
Cohuna - Leitchville Road 
 CohunaGift & Homewares & Coffee Shop
OPen Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun 10am to 4pm & some public Holidays 

It is housed in part of the old Butter factory & don't be fooled by the entrance as a bit of industrial businesses in that area...
Industrial decor for the building is something too...
Spacious with a sense of harmony as one moves around all the beautiful gift ware...
I wanted so many things !!!
Then I turned into this Christmas Shop
I backed out to ask if I could take some pictures with my camera....
there would have more but the camera battery went flat LOL
Thank you Jenni for giving me permission to show more people this shop!!! 
There is so much to see !!!

 Now this is only part 2 of the gift store....Magic !!!!!!
You know what else, the wares are well priced .....