Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Waiting ... for that parcel

I am waiting for a delayed express parcel today with much needed stock in it I must paint...
It is so frustrating but every so often things are not so perfect with this service...
Often it has been times when I am waiting on stock..or a new big batch of designs are on their way..
somewhere & someone stops to smell the roses.
Because we use this route many many times it is interesting to know where the system breaks down...same place even when I live in very different locations.
The stitchery ....for downloading for your use is here...4..a few more to come..maybe in a few days...

Needed to add some colour to the page !!!
Past years decorations


Kate said...

Hopefully that parcel arrives PDQ. ;)
Thanks for another of your cute designs.

theodora said...

Thanks Kate ..yes parcel swanned in next day whew & some order bits were painted & posted on that day...but now I have more black moments see today's posting
Barb xxx