Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Is it too early for pudding ?

I was in a box of surprises last week....looking to see what I could perhaps take away with me to sew..
Found these stockings....
Small..the first was in a little booklet Theodora's Studio I did but has all sold out now...the maybe the same stocking ???
Anyway I can draw another small stocking for a sampler pack 
The simplicity is all you will ever get from me in design is that part of me that comes through....good job the analytical ...complex bit doesn't LOL 

Isn't it fun....I love layers with buttons ob the top... 
the stockings are quickly hand stitched together after 
some stitching embellishing

The white stocking is stuffed....
here I love using the pale blue & the red...
Buttons can change ....& one just could sew an Advent Calendar.

Marg had some tips on the Advent Calendar yesterday as we chatted on the phone... must see where I scribbled them & we can all share

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