Sunday, September 4, 2016

Celebrations are beginning with the Advent Calendar

with the Advent Calendar pricing is well .....fantastic !!!!
This is to start the ball rolling for 
celebrating my 20th year in designing $55
}This is 24 buttons on natural tags that have been painted, stamped & have double sided tape on the backs to peel & adhere to a canvas paint board 
( which you need to buy at a craft supply store ( spotlight  etc )
you could apply this concept to fabric/ felt/ hessian / frame 
I have given the challenge of coming up with a look see to my cousin Norma ( who does amazing work ) but this will be for inspiring you further ..
I love the canvas boards & I use the boards as decoration for Christmas...
pure visual am I LOL
But they can sure make a statement in decorating a home for the Christmas  season